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R.I.P. Sakura May 23, 1999 – August 08, 2013
August 8, 2013

Photo from December 30, 2012. Sakura was such a happy doggy. Right until the end, she looked as if nothing was wrong, despite the fact that she had been fighting a very aggressive cancer. My mum and I are really going to miss her… We’ll miss you so much baby. You and Kosuke were the […]


Disneyland 2013 Recap
July 23, 2013

I’ve never been to the Disneyland in California before, so I was pretty excited! I-I still had a hard time getting up that morning though (I’m sorry Joy… ;;), but we joined up with two of her school friends and had a blast at Dland and Disney California Adventure! Me with JoyJoy. :D


AX 2013 Recap

A big thanks to everyone who visited my table at Anime Expo! I was a little nervous about my table placement being in the far corner, but I ended up making the most I’ve made at an artist’s alley so far – still shy of breaking even if I include every single expense, but awfully […]