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One Piece vol.78: Usopp Gallery

10 Jul

I believe this blog is long overdue for an update! Many things have happened since the last post, and still are happening: happy and sad things, encouraging and disheartening things, hopeful and heartbreaking things… But let’s save those for a reflective post in the future. Making a new post after the previous one is something that I’ve been having great difficulty doing, but this is happy news that I do wish to share with both Kosuke and Sakura in their loving memory:

Earlier this year, I decided to muster my courage, take a step forward, and take advantage of one of the opportunities that I now have from living in Japan – submitting to the One Piece Usopp Gallery. I didn’t see my piece in the volume that was released after my submission (volume 77), so I concluded that it is highly competitive and that I’ll give it another try at a later time. Lots of things and busy-ness happened so that I never got around to preparing another submission, and volume 78 was released…

Madam Sharley in OP Volume 78And there was my submission. Words cannot do justice to how psyched I was when I saw this. But I will say this: one step forward! :)

Doodle: That-A-Way

10 Oct

A stack of docs, though I’m unsure if Bepo really qualifies.
Brushes for self-reference: Real 2H Drafting Pencil, Real 4H Hard Pencil.

Doodle: Nap Time

10 Oct

I caught up with the One Piece manga chapters over the weekend and am delighted to see so much of Trafalgar Law! Can’t wait to see the Punk Hazard arc animated, not just for all that Law screen time but also to see how all that character-swapping is going to play out…

Loving the scratchboard tool and the pencil brushes in Painter. Tried the Real 2H Drafting Pencil to start the rough sketch and the texture was sooooo satisfying. I also have another colored piece in the works using Painter but still haven’t figured out the brushes for it yet. :/

wip and sig

5 Jun

Almost done. Then back to more black and white.
Kept running One Piece episodes in the background while working on this, and I still cried at the part with Merry at the end of the Enies Lobby arc. ;^;
It’s at the part where they steal Franky’s speedo as I type this. LOL
Man I really wanna draw a fanart of Franky. 8D And Chopper and Brook. The non-human(?) crew members, haha.

Also made a sig of one of my RO ABs for fun/break:

Also wanna draw all 3 of my ABs together… :<

Character Sketch + Dvorak

30 Mar

Elaine Design

A rough character design sketch for a manga project. It’ll be rather different from what I’m more used to (like fantasy), so kinda looking forward to it.
I think I’ll be working on more manga than CG over the coming weeks. Hopefully I can squeeze in some SC pages too while I’m at it. :P

And here’s one of my most memorable scenes from watching One Piece where they used Dvorak’s New World Symphony 4th Movement. I just laughed so hard at the fact that an anime used classical music and still pulled off an epic. It starts at around 1:30 :

I couldn’t find a good english-subbed video of the scene. :(

Continued – One Piece – Earthquake

14 Mar

bg wip 2

More of that cg from a few posts ago. BG is almost done!
I wish I could say I know exactly what I’m doing, but sadly I don’t. But am I making it count as a good learning experience? I most definitely try.

I’ve been really into One Piece the last few months.
I initially started watching it to distract myself after losing Kosuke.
I have no idea if it worked. I still miss Kosuke. But I am able to do things now instead of doing nothing but cry for days straight and get a headache.

One of my favorite OPs:

I would think that most people know about the 9.0 (I know they started at 8.8, then 8.9, but now they’re saying 9.0) earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.
If you are able to lend a helping hand, please consider donating to any of the following to help Japan and other countries in the Pacific that were affected by this disaster:

-Donate to the American Red Cross through their website, or text REDCROSS to 90999 (or 30333 in Canada) to donate $10!

-Donate to Global Giving through their site, or text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10!

Order a commission from space coyote/Nina Matsumoto. She will also send all profit made to disaster relief!

-Yasunori Mitsuda (the composer of Chrono Trigger/Cross, Xenogears/saga, Shadow Hearts) will send profit made from his Procyon Store to disaster relief as of March 14th!

-There is a Help Japan auction event going on at Livejournal!

-Donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross through Google’s Crisis Response site!
This page also has lots of useful information and links, as well as a person finder!

I’ll update this list with more alternatives as I find more.