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AX 2013 Recap

23 Jul

Anime Expo 2013 table

A big thanks to everyone who visited my table at Anime Expo! I was a little nervous about my table placement being in the far corner, but I ended up making the most I’ve made at an artist’s alley so far – still shy of breaking even if I include every single expense, but awfully close! I offered onsite commissions for the first time too, so that may have helped out too. Speaking of which, thank you so much to the people who commissioned me, or simply showed interest in it but couldn’t due to the next-day-pickup rule. I’ll have to practice sketching characters again so I can work on them more efficiently in the future!

Let me also apologize if I ever appeared grumpy, tired or outright crazy. If you saw me anytime from Day 2 onward, chances are you saw me at my physical and mental worst due to lady pains, so if I was being unpleasant to you, I am SO SORRY! It’s not you, it was 100% me. ;_; Not surprisingly, this trip ended up being my most tearful convention trip to date, but fortunately, they were all happy tears.  (more…)

Happy Holidays~!

24 Dec

Secret Santa: Rigel

Secret Santa piece for Penguin-Pinpin. Her character Rigel! This is the first time I participated in a Secret Santa art exchange (though it was a small private group), and I don’t think I’ve drawn full CG fanarts for artists in AGES, so it was great~ :)


I opened a Society6 account a few weeks back and made pillows, among other things. I took advantage of their limited time free shipping to get a pillow to gift to my mother for Christmas, and it arrived just in time! :) The printing quality is nice (or so I believe, as I don’t have other printed pillows to compare qualities), and they even include a pillow insert if you choose that option, so I’m pleased so far. I can’t personally say what the quality of the other merchandise are like, but I would hope that they’re just as great.


I was commissioned to draw a book cover a few months back, and the writer was kind enough to send me a free copy. While I personally had a hiccup when I saw that the cover lost some details in print, it was still a strange feeling to hold a tangible book with a cover I drew on it… I honestly DO NOT know what this book is about (I was simply given details for the cover and drew it out), so please direct all questions about the story to Johnathan Kelly. For those who would like to purchase a copy of this book, it is available on Lulu.

Tree deco
Tree deco2

Christmas tree decorations from the hotel I stayed at in Kyoto a few weeks back. I’ll upload more photos to my tumblr in time.

2012 has been a fulfilling year for me full of opportunities and illustration busy-ness, and I hope 2013 will be just as great! Hope you all had an overall good year too, and I wish you all Happy Holidays! :)

Too early for winter

15 Sep

Work in progress. So many layers in that background ugh! I normally flatten the bg layers by the time I start adding the figures, but I think I might go back in and fix something later… so it shall remain messy for now. :(

Working Together

25 Jul

Usually when I’m asked for personal commissions, everything about the character design is pretty much set from the start. I’m currently working on a personal commission where this was not the case though; the design was set in black in white, but the colors were undecided. So I’d like to share the color testing process where we worked together to arrive at the character’s final color scheme, because I want to show that I’m willing to do this for anyone else who is interested in personal commissions but don’t have a definite character design figured out yet.

These are the first set of color tests that I sent. (Note that these are just flat colors to keep things simple and save time) The client knew which colors she wanted to use, so I kept that in mind, as well as the description I had about the character’s personality. We kept the bg color and the general outfit color from the first one, and the hilt color from the 3rd and 4th. She was also clear on what she thought wasn’t working, something I really appreciate! Every so often I feel that clients are afraid to ask for changes and fixes, when in reality I just want to make sure I’m doing things the way they want me to. She requested for specific changes with a visual where she drew over the color tests I sent, which may offend some artists but is something I consider to be a plus! Whatever makes it easier for me to understand what she has in mind. And now, the next set:
The first two are the changes that were requested, while the last two were just me trying to play more with the ideas of the first two. With these, I also provided an explanation on my thoughts about these four; what I thought was working, what I thought wasn’t working, what I tried to change and why, what still needs tweaking, etc. If she likes any of these, great! We’ll just keep the parts that are working again, and rinse and repeat the process until everything is to her liking. Though as it turns out, not many changes were needed after this point, and the following is the final version we arrived at:

And from here, I begin my usual shading/highlights/effects/etc.

Finishing projects!

20 Dec

The last few days have been pretty exciting on my end, as projects I’ve worked on throughout this year are finally in their final form and began distribution!

First off is the manga commission, which is now up on Graphicly for reading for $0.99! Written by Kenny Porter and illustrated by yours truly, crime/noir (my first time illustrating anything in that genre, so this was quite a ride for me)! This is my first time illustrating an indie comic that’s actually being distributed, so this is really exciting for me!

And then I found the Gaia:vim naturae charity artbook in the mail when I came home from my Tokyo trip two days ago! This is the first time I’ve participated in an art book project, so yet another first time accomplishment that I’m very excited about!

At the risk of coming off as a narcissist, a shot of my contribution in the book fffff. It was on page 12! :D You can still order the artbook from Lulu!

And pardon the crude snapshots, I just put the book on my lap haha…

And then a bit about something that just happened that’s not so hot but eventful nonetheless on my end. The server that my site is hosted on was down a few days ago, but got fixed within the day so I wasn’t too worried then. But then yesterday, as I was battling away my jet lag, I noticed it was down again. *insert annoyed moans and groans* A few hours later, it was up but the newest content was from November 18. Turns out it was moved to new hardware and the backups were about a month old, so that wasn’t really fun to deal with… :/ Though I guess I’m still fortunate compared to tons of other sites out there on the same server, I didn’t do any big updates so the fixes were pretty simple. I can’t imagine all the hassle bigger sites and businesses are facing right now. >.>


8 Oct

Drawing cars running normally was new and challenging enough, but then I finally came to the page where I decided I wanted to draw one with its underside exposed. I hope this looks convincing enough for readers in general; I’m sure car pros will tell me that the bottom of a car does not look like that. I feel like I keep posting so many previews, but everything I’m making in this project is so new and unfamiliar to me, I feel like I accomplished something huge each time I draw it out (when in fact, it’s really just a car… or a gun… or simple and silly things like that).

More manga progress

25 Sep

I finished up all of my other drawing obligations so I started giving this project my full drawing time, and I’m almost done! If all goes well, I should be done with all of the remaining pages around mid-October (hopefully before I go visit NYC and NYAF so I won’t have to let my worries spoil the fun over that weekend, and of course I crash hard after eventful weekends so that’s more potential work time lost). And after that, I can spend my manga drawing energy back on SC again!


31 Aug

Grrr. Evil pantsu.

I accidentally ripped my pajama pants this morning. True story. D:

Reminder that pre-orders for the GAIA: vim naturae charity artbook that I’m participating in is going to end on September 10th! That will be the last chance to purchase the book at the discount price of $25 (I think I said 10% discount before but they changed it, so it should be lower now). More info -> link!

I dunno

31 Jul

I dunno what about my pictures and sample manga pages made the writer think I can draw guns and crime stuff, but I’m trying!!


10 Jun

Another panel from the manga commission. One of the rare instances I actually drew people hugging, even more rare is that they’re still in their undies. I think with this included, I’ve drawn 3 pictures of hugging characters: Lionel and Divanis (baby brother and big brother), Riedre and Eynne (guardian and prince), and these two. I think I’ve mentioned somewhere before that it’s great that commissions make me draw new things and learn from them, but I’m finding that it’s helping me learn about myself too. In this case, unfortunately, I learned that I’m not so fond of drawing romantic or sexually suggestive things… although I’m totally okay with drawing curvy/busty female characters, so it’s really more when it has to do with couplings or relationships I guess. And I know why I feel this way, but it’s personal and I don’t want to talk about it. So yeah, I guess that’s a bit unfortunate, since I can’t enjoy what I’m doing when I deal with this subject even if I’m being paid for it. On the plus side though, I was fine when I drew Riedre and Eynne, so I guess I feel fine when it’s like… a fairytale setting? (<3 u Disney movies) So if you ever feel like asking for couples pictures, make sure they're wearing dresses and crowns and such. Not obligatory but just makes it easier for me I guess. Haha. :P