I recently realized that I've been drawing lots of creatures over the last month or so. I never made a conscious decision to start a creature trend in my art, but when I lined up my recent drawings side by side one day, I just happened to realize that they all featured creatures of some... Continue Reading →

Painter practice

Still in the works. To be another Zelda fanart (cookie to whoever can guess which dungeon this is, even though I added an extra picture frame). Practicing Painter, since my ancient Photoshop CS is incompatible with Lion. About time I upgraded it I suppose... but it's great that I can run Painter smoothly now! While... Continue Reading →

Ever so sloooowly

Making slow progress one pen stroke at a time. Poor Link is still a blur on the right there, haha. One nice thing about not sticking to a weekly update schedule for the manga anymore is that I can CG things for fun like this again. I also noticed that I haven't finished any SC-related... Continue Reading →

Mah Face This Weekend

Work in progress. Skyward Swooooooord! :D I know I'm not alone when I say that I make faces of the characters I'm trying to draw. So I bet my face had this look this entire weekend. \^o^/

Eraser disaster

I think I've mentioned time and time again that my sketches are incredibly messy. While a lot of it simply is that I do sketch messy, another part of it is that my eraser adds to the mess more than it erases. Case in point. My mum walked by and saw the mess I was... Continue Reading →

Painter test

Testing out Painter again, but this time instead of giving up after a brief period I'm actually sticking to it a bit longer to the point that I actually might be able to make something! I probably should have just done a simple portrait since it's a test and I still don't have a clue... Continue Reading →

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