AX 2013 Recap

A big thanks to everyone who visited my table at Anime Expo! I was a little nervous about my table placement being in the far corner, but I ended up making the most I've made at an artist's alley so far - still shy of breaking even if I include every single expense, but awfully... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Pieces 2008-2010

My trip's jet lag has sucked my energy dry over the last few days, so rather than force myself to work on demanding drawings, I've been spending some time writing out story notes and a general timeline for Serenian Century . This is something I actually started a few months back but haven't been able... Continue Reading →

Sketches and a drawing video

Character design roughs for a friend. Item design roughs for the same project. You know how you see shapes in clouds? I was exhausted yesterday and was gazing into the floor, thoughtlessly trying to make out shapes, and this was the strongest image that stuck to my mind, so I sketched it out. I am... Continue Reading →

Doodle: Nap Time

I caught up with the One Piece manga chapters over the weekend and am delighted to see so much of Trafalgar Law! Can't wait to see the Punk Hazard arc animated, not just for all that Law screen time but also to see how all that character-swapping is going to play out... Loving the scratchboard... Continue Reading →

Sketch: Mikono

A sketch of Mikono from Aquarion EVOL for the lovely Kari. I had her as a helper at the Anime Expo 2012 artists alley, and the badge pickup gave us much grief and I felt really bad... so she gets a gift sketch! As for the show, I've only watched up to episode 5 or... Continue Reading →

Eraser disaster

I think I've mentioned time and time again that my sketches are incredibly messy. While a lot of it simply is that I do sketch messy, another part of it is that my eraser adds to the mess more than it erases. Case in point. My mum walked by and saw the mess I was... Continue Reading →

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