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AX 2013 Recap

23 Jul

Anime Expo 2013 table

A big thanks to everyone who visited my table at Anime Expo! I was a little nervous about my table placement being in the far corner, but I ended up making the most I’ve made at an artist’s alley so far – still shy of breaking even if I include every single expense, but awfully close! I offered onsite commissions for the first time too, so that may have helped out too. Speaking of which, thank you so much to the people who commissioned me, or simply showed interest in it but couldn’t due to the next-day-pickup rule. I’ll have to practice sketching characters again so I can work on them more efficiently in the future!

Let me also apologize if I ever appeared grumpy, tired or outright crazy. If you saw me anytime from Day 2 onward, chances are you saw me at my physical and mental worst due to lady pains, so if I was being unpleasant to you, I am SO SORRY! It’s not you, it was 100% me. ;_; Not surprisingly, this trip ended up being my most tearful convention trip to date, but fortunately, they were all happy tears.  (more…)

Unfinished Pieces 2008-2010

25 May

My trip’s jet lag has sucked my energy dry over the last few days, so rather than force myself to work on demanding drawings, I’ve been spending some time writing out story notes and a general timeline for Serenian Century . This is something I actually started a few months back but haven’t been able to work on consistently, so I’m having fun with it right now. But I got stuck yesterday, whereupon I revisited old drawings to feed my brain. They were just the nostalgic nutrition my brain needed, but I also found lots of unfinished pieces, a few that I’d love to finish even after all these years:

Unfinished 08-10

A select few from 2008 to 2010. Sneaked in a couple of RO ones too. Someday!!

Sketches and a drawing video

1 Apr

mina roughs

Character design roughs for a friend.

board roughs

Item design roughs for the same project.


You know how you see shapes in clouds? I was exhausted yesterday and was gazing into the floor, thoughtlessly trying to make out shapes, and this was the strongest image that stuck to my mind, so I sketched it out.

Apple Monsters

I am genuinely unsure how this came to be…

A full drawing video! Sketching and line-art steps are not included, but it’s still 1hr20min long despite being sped up. The total time spent, according to the recordings, amounts to over 26 hours; some pieces take much longer, while others much faster, so I think this is a good in-between average time for me. It personally felt like a much longer process though because I spread it out across several days, mainly because being conscious that I was recording everything was mentally taxing. I noticed this happening when I tried to record my process with the candy house picture too, and as that piece was under a much tighter time constraint, I stopped recording very early on. I hope to get myself accustomed to recording though so that I could hold livestreams someday, but I don’t think I’ll be making full recordings like this for a long time. But on the plus side, looking at my process objectively like this has been very helpful, for me personally at least; it’s pretty clear when I know what I’m doing and when I’m not, so I can think about how to approach my problem areas differently next time! :)

Super Babysitter Desu

21 Dec


Carciphona volume 3 came in the mail! <3 I thought I would draw Meron while reading since she was so badass in the book, but crack happened instead. I'm sorry. orz Maybe next time!

Doodle: That-A-Way

10 Oct

A stack of docs, though I’m unsure if Bepo really qualifies.
Brushes for self-reference: Real 2H Drafting Pencil, Real 4H Hard Pencil.

Doodle: Nap Time

10 Oct

I caught up with the One Piece manga chapters over the weekend and am delighted to see so much of Trafalgar Law! Can’t wait to see the Punk Hazard arc animated, not just for all that Law screen time but also to see how all that character-swapping is going to play out…

Loving the scratchboard tool and the pencil brushes in Painter. Tried the Real 2H Drafting Pencil to start the rough sketch and the texture was sooooo satisfying. I also have another colored piece in the works using Painter but still haven’t figured out the brushes for it yet. :/

Sketch: Mikono

14 Jul

A sketch of Mikono from Aquarion EVOL for the lovely Kari.
I had her as a helper at the Anime Expo 2012 artists alley, and the badge pickup gave us much grief and I felt really bad… so she gets a gift sketch!
As for the show, I’ve only watched up to episode 5 or 6… so far, my impression of it is “chaotically hilarious,” so I watch it every now and then when I need a laugh.

I’ve made more pictures since the last time I posted here, but I don’t know if I want to post them here too (they’re on my dA and tumblr, some also on pixiv). I intended this blog to be for sketches and works in progress, but would it benefit from finished works too? This blog isn’t community-based as heavily as dA or tumblr, so a part of me feels that it’ll just be repetitive, even more so since I also have a personal website where I display works anyway.

Eynord wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Because all I have to give for Valentine’s Day is a sketch of a creepy old man with sparkles and chest hair trying to seduce you in a red convertible… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Incidentally, you really can see a pink Eynord in a red convertible if you have the Serenian Century Miis I made on your 3DS and play Mario Kart 7 and play the mall stage. He appears as an obstacle you have to dodge in the course! …or, it could be any of the characters I believe, I just had the great fortune to see Eynord on my first run (as well as Nimue, but Eynord was who made me crash laughing).

The codes for the Miis in case anyone interested missed it during the voting week:

Eraser disaster

16 Jan

I think I’ve mentioned time and time again that my sketches are incredibly messy. While a lot of it simply is that I do sketch messy, another part of it is that my eraser adds to the mess more than it erases. Case in point.

My mum walked by and saw the mess I was making, and gave me these:

They’re erasers shaped like Japanese candies. As much as I adore food-shaped erasers, I had my doubts about their erasing abilities. Mum told me to use the brown part, so I did.

Lo and behold, these candy erasers actually erase better than my failure of an eraser that’s marketed for it’s “amazing” erasing capabilities.
I love my mum. :3

Page sketching

8 Nov

Sketching the next SC page.
And yeah I sketch super messy. :<