All kinds of testing

Many years ago, I used to use Open Canvas and it had this really cool feature where it records your progress in a video. I no longer use Open Canvas, but I really miss that recording feature from the good old days… :( I’ve contemplated using other recording programs or using livestream, but I never gave them a try. Livestream, well, the thought of having people watch me as I draw was freaky for me. I finally looked up recording options, and discovered that Quick Time had recording capabilities! So I gave it a try with this piece I’m currently working on, which is a bunch of experiments in itself as well.

Sped up x8. I’d speed it up even more but x8 appears to be the limit on Quick Time and iMovie.

I have no idea whether using other recording programs would help, but when I use Quick Time, the file gets huge pretty quickly even when I use the lowest settings I could find (2-3GB in 20 minutes or so, and 5GB in 30 minutes). I try to solve this by stopping the recording rather frequently and compressing it to something much smaller, which gets each recording down to 200-300MB on average, so that’s an improvement! But even with the size dropped down, it’s really going to add up unless I draw fast and know exactly what I’m doing… which I clearly do not! D: And I honestly do not enjoy being pressed for time and having to keep checking how long I’ve been drawing for, so I really hope I can find an alternative. I thought about checking out livestream, even if it may mean people watch me draw live (*shiver*), but I’m curious whether it’s even possible to store recordings on a free account, and if so, what the archive limit is… At this point though, I honestly get the feeling that no matter which program or service I use, sizes in the GBs like that just might be a common thing for recordings, in which case maybe recordings just might not be my thing (but it wasn’t this bad in the Open Canvas recordings…?_? )

As for the drawing, I usually don’t start out this way at all (by blocking in everything with a single color). I usually jump right into all the colors of the rainbow and fill up the background, but I found a lot of people actually take the time to plan things out (well duh), not just with lines (what I used to do) but also with values. So I decided to give it a try, but quickly got stuck trying to figure out how to add the colors I wanted onto it, and kept struggling until maybe 7 or 8 minutes into this video when I finally added a layer underneath everything and filled it up with colors. Dx Even after that though, you can see I’m not very efficient as I continue to keep redrawing things, but this part is very typical of me. orz

I also tested out some new brushes I found: some by Sakimichan and some by Feohria, though I think I might stick with my familiar brushes for the most part and save the brush testing for some other time.

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