Progress GIF: Journey

Progress GIF: Journey

This piece was very spontaneous, something that doesn’t happen much anymore. Nowadays when inspiration hits me out of the blue and I have the time to draw, I’d be in the middle of another time sensitive piece with higher priority, so I’d just let it flow out of my head and into the air without me ever being able to grasp at it. But a few days ago, this wasn’t the case. I was in the middle of another piece, but it was a convention prep fanart and the con isn’t until July, so I wasn’t in a rush. And honestly, I wasn’t feeling too crazy about that piece, so for the first time in many years I decided to draw a digital work on impulse. Just about everything except all the symbols on the cloth were done in one go, in one day – a very rare accomplishment for me in recent years. Unfortunately, I had traveling plans and couldn’t finish it while my creative juices were still fresh, so the symbols (as it turned out, the grind work) had to wait.


I really missed being able to draw loosely and freely without my brain in control. With every piece I’d try to challenge myself and test new methods, and I’d just be hyper-conscious about everything I do to the picture (probably too much to the point that it ultimately hurts my pieces, so I know I need to work on controlling myself there). I intend to keep this up and challenge myself to improve my craft, but I think jumping free right into a drawing without a care for any of my self-imposed rules would be nice once in a while too.

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