Preparing Prints!

Prints '13

Getting prints ready for the summer convention season! (sorry for the dim light and blur. And I will be trimming the white spaces later) I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough new prints this year but I surprised myself when I counted all the pieces I made in the last year. The problem is if people will like them enough to buy them. /sobs

I also encountered some new issues with printing this time around:

Issue prints

I was expecting some prints to turn out noticeably darker than on screen, but not this dark and contrasty… The brush strokes and textures came out way harsher than I’d anticipated with these… I think the issue is less apparent in the Journey print, but more with the Floating one to the right with the creature’s head (it honestly makes me sad). A part of me feels terrible about the thought of selling it, even though no one is going to know what the original on-screen version looks like. Then again, there are those old, odd prints that I abhor now but people seem to love (though more often than not these are fanart, whereas Floating isn’t).

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