Disneyland 2013 Recap

I’ve never been to the Disneyland in California before, so I was pretty excited! I-I still had a hard time getting up that morning though (I’m sorry Joy… ;;), but we joined up with two of her school friends and had a blast at Dland and Disney California Adventure!Disneyland



At Disneyland

Me with JoyJoy. :D

Fix It Felix

They had Fix It Felix



R2D2 and C-3PO. We started with Star Tours. :)

Space Mountain

Joy knew of all the photo spots on every ride, so it was hilarious how she was posing seemingly unaffected by the G force while the rest of us were being whipped around like crazy. I wanted to take a picture of that photo, but I was having a laughing fit and the screen changed before I could compose myself and grab the camera.

Tea cups

We didn’t ride the tea cups, but I took a picture anyway because I loved the sets in the Alice in Wonderland area.

Alice in Wonderland ride

Wonderland lights

Wonderland lights2

I didn’t know that Alice in Wonderland had its own ride… it was cute! :) I also enjoyed the The Little Mermaid ride at Cali Adventure.

Aurora's castle

Wishing Well

Aurora’s castle and Snow White’s wishing well.

Duck butt

I found a group of ducks diving and showing off their butts and it was adorable, so I tried to take pictures. But they soon swam under some foliage, they must have been like “who’s that creepy human trying to take pictures of our butts? D:” They were very photo-friendly on land though.


Duck 2

Yes, I went to Disneyland and took pictures of ducks.


Matterhorn 2

The Matterhorn. The line was ridiculously long during the day, so we jumped in line maybe 10 minutes before the park closed at midnight. This was the first time I stayed at any park until closing time, haha! The view from the ride was gorgeous at night, and I luckily had the front seat so it was like I was flying! Oh…and notice how the sky is so blue and cloudless in these photos… It was a gorgeous day but so frickin’ HOT. By the time the sun was setting my shoulders and neck were burnt bright red. :P

Mickey and the Magical Map1

Mickey and the Magical Map2

Mickey and the Magical Map3

MIckey and the Magical Map4

We caught a showing of Mickey and the Magical Map. :) It was beautiful.


We were lining up for the Aladdin musical, but it got cancelled. D: We still had plenty of other things that kept us busy for the rest of the day though! :) We spent a lot of time at the Sorcerer’s Workshop playing with voiceovers and character quizzes, and just watching the montage of all the Disney movies in the main room (some of them got me really teary, AGAIN). It was also cool how they had costumes from Once Upon a Time on display… *_*

Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror. >:)

Tower of Terror photo

I was better about taking out my camera in time this round! I wasn’t sure if everyone was ok with me putting this on my blog, so I drew over their faces. :P

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid ride. There was no line…but I loved it. <3

Ice Cream

Lemon Sorbet

The Strike it Rich ice cream and a lemon sorbet from Ghirardelli. These unintentionally ended up being our dinner, as we continued to run around non-stop for the rest of the evening. We explored the Paradise Pier and rode the Silly Symphony Swings (I’ve never been on one of those swings before!) and Goofy’s Sky School. Joy then lead us to a perfect spot to watch the World of Color water show! We stood right behind a trash can, but I guess Disneyland trash bins are sanitary? It didn’t smell, and the staff made sure that no one stood in front of it, so we had a clear view! The show was gorgeous, I-I got teary…again… GDI IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! T_T

Joy was such a great Disneyland tour guide though, she lead us out right as the show was ending and we went back to Disneyland to make it in time for the Fantasmic! showing. The fireworks started as we were snaking our way through the crowd, so I was enjoying that too while being lead by our lovely guide. We looked pretty ridiculous making our way over though, holding each others hands, a staff at one of the stores we walked through loudly commented how “they’ll never get lost.” Here, have a doodle:

Our line

Yeah, something like that! We were like kindergarteners with Joy as our teacher. :D

We made it just as the fireworks ended, successfully avoiding the new crowd headed to Fantasmic. I don’t know how Joy did it, she’s amazing! I didn’t know what this show was going to be like, only that she mentioned that it’s a river parade, and it really was.


Night pictures are hard to take… so this was the only decent photo I got from it, but it was amazing! I was really impressed by the Peter Pan crew on the pirate ship too!

We then rode the Indiana Jones ride, which was perhaps my favorite ride of the day! I loved the sets we walked through while in line too, it was intense. >:) We then caught the Jungle Cruise, which was pretty cool at night, but the highlight of that ride was definitely the skippers being jerks. And last but not least, the Matterhorn. :D

Walt and Mickey.

Walt and Mickey. Thanks for the magical day!



More window seat photos from my flight back home.

This trip was perhaps the most action-packed and enjoyable con trip so far, and I’m more grateful than ever for all the wonderful friends I have. Thank you all so much for making this trip that much more special. Hugs to everyone! :)

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