One Piece vol.78: Usopp Gallery

I believe this blog is long overdue for an update! Many things have happened since the last post, and still are happening: happy and sad things, encouraging and disheartening things, hopeful and heartbreaking things… But let’s save those for a reflective post in the future. Making a new post after the previous one is something that I’ve been having great difficulty doing, but this is happy news that I do wish to share with both Kosuke and Sakura in their loving memory:

Earlier this year, I decided to muster my courage, take a step forward, and take advantage of one of the opportunities that I now have from living in Japan – submitting to the One Piece Usopp Gallery. I didn’t see my piece in the volume that was released after my submission (volume 77), so I concluded that it is highly competitive and that I’ll give it another try at a later time. Lots of things and busy-ness happened so that I never got around to preparing another submission, and volume 78 was released…

Madam Sharley in OP Volume 78And there was my submission. Words cannot do justice to how psyched I was when I saw this. But I will say this: one step forward! :)

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