Pencil case!

So I’ve been tinkering with my cafepress account lately with some of my recent pictures, and I’ve been really curious about my piece with the whale since I used really texture-intense brushes for it. (On that note, I LOOOOOVE the brushes in Painter 12!! Except each brush stroke lags my laptop like crazy. I really need to look into some options since I reaaaally want to make better use of Painter. ;; ) But when I looked at my cafepress options I kinda didn’t want to invest in it since they were kinda pricey considering I just wanted to test print it onto something… (way to market myself haaaahaha OTL) And then I came across ArtsCow, which offered sooooo many options for customized items, were cheaper than cafepress, and offered certain items for free for the first few weeks (shipping not included, so I basically have to pay for the shipping price only) so I decided to give it a try on a pencil case.

It feels really weird seeing my own art on a product, but I’m really pleased with the printing! The grainy texture actually turned out okay. And most of all I’m really happy with the quality of the material used! I was expecting something that didn’t feel so nice to the touch since it was so cheap, but I really LOVE how it feels in my hands! ;A;

And while I was at it, I decided to make use of the free item opportunity and made another pencil case. My mum really loves this photo of Kosuke that I took a little over a month before he passed away, so I decided to make a little present for her.

And the reverse side has a photo of Sakura that I took a few weeks ago when it snowed. My mum loved it yay! :D

So in the end, I still don’t know how this picture looks when printed by cafepress (LMFAOOOO FAIL OTL), but I’m happy with my new pencil case (discomfort over my own art aside)! Really looking forward to making use of this since I use up my pens so fast!

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