Water Restaurant concept

I had this weird dream this morning of a restaurant with tables set over the water, so I wanted to try and dab out the idea before I forget it.  It was nighttime with buildings on both sides and a river running through the middle, and the tables were floating there. Customers were sitting in their chairs and waiters were walking over to them. How everything floated over the water and everyone was able to maintain their balance remains a mystery to me. They also had tables to the side on land, and inside the building next to it. And the buildings were… I guess brick, and some of them had vines growing on its walls, everything felt like some small town in Europe, or at least how I envision some small town in Europe since I’ve never visited the country since I was 2 years old and I remember nothing of what I saw then.

Hidden Village concept

Based off of another dream I had a few days ago. Also used this as a test to play with some of the brushes on Painter. A hidden village inside a snowy mountain. The dream had more settings to the clan, like how the really strong warriors were given special powers from the snow queen, which also curses them to never feel warmth for eternity.

Hope I can get around to working on these someday. And I hope I can improve on my digital speed paint so I can do these faster and better overall. :(

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