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Despite the lack of blog posts with screencaps of drawings, I’ve been drawing A LOT lately. Like people in their underwear. ^ This one is part of a manga commission, which is challenging me with lots of new things to draw, which is a great thing for learning but kinda hurts every time I stumble. Like drawing semi naked people in their underwear. And cityscape and cars and guns and… yeah.

I actually have another drawing commission sketched out, but still waiting on the half payment before I continue working on it, so maybe I’ll post a wip of that some other time. Commissions got really busy since coming back from my trip, probably thanks to the DD I found when I came home (thank you so much for the constant support everyone! ) Busy busy is good, but it does make me miss my own characters… ;; I’m going to spend some quality time with my OCs for sure… when I’m done with this pile. orz

Lots of repetitive shots of the same monster cloud I took while out in Japan:

I actually had even more shots of the same cloud, but I think this is already repetitive enough for anyone else to enjoy but me. I was easily amused that zooming up to different areas of the same huge cloud changed the colors so much!

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