Ricordando il passato

I don’t know Italian, but I believe the title translates to “Remembering the past.”

I was listening to Akiko Shikata’s new album, and ~Ricordando il passato~ was one of the tracks included. I believe it’s the ED theme to Umineko EP8 too? I haven’t played it myself yet so I can’t say for sure. But it’s SO GORGEOUS! ;A;

I was putting that on repeat while sketching commission stuff, but my mind was wandering elsewhere the entire time into SC world. So when I finally finished the sketch, I grabbed another scrap paper and sketched SC stuff with paper and pencil since who knows how long ago! Over a year!? TwT It was already nearing 4AM at this point and my eyes were so blurry (offline friends know how bad my eyesight has become now… OTL), but I was too lazy to go find my glasses so I skipped out on a lot of detail on the outfit (I looked up scans I made on the laptop but my eyes were too blurry to even see those OTL And too lazy to go find the actual sketcbooks). The goal was to get the basic idea down anyway since I don’t have time to draw my own OCs anymore. *sob*

Added rough colors:

SC picture WIP! But they’re unintroduced characters so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I also feel bad I can only post super messy plans for SC, but paid pictures take priority. D:
Couldn’t really think of a castle interior and didn’t want to spend too much time with it right now, so WORD PLACEHOLDER IT IS.

Is it bad that I want to clean this up more than work on commissions…? OTL

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