Aly K. Sasagawa (also known by the online alias of Ruina) graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. Through a series of unfortunate events that occurred post-graduation, she ultimately decided that she’d rather illustrate than continue pursuing the sciences. Circumstances permitting, she’s been drawing while also working as a Japanese-English translator. She spends an unhealthy amount of time sleeping and daydreaming, and enjoys drinking tea and the company of her dogs Kosuke and Sakura(rest in peace buddy, rest in peace baby, we love you always).

The “Dog House” used to be an art blog where Aly mainly posted unfinished sketches and works in progress, but now serves as a newsfeed of important events and updates. This blog is dedicated to and is named for her beloved dogs Kosuke and Sakura.

Kosuke and Sakura
Kosuke to the left, Sakura to the right.
Photo taken in spring 2010.

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