Sketches and a drawing video

1 Apr

mina roughs

Character design roughs for a friend.

board roughs

Item design roughs for the same project.


You know how you see shapes in clouds? I was exhausted yesterday and was gazing into the floor, thoughtlessly trying to make out shapes, and this was the strongest image that stuck to my mind, so I sketched it out.

Apple Monsters

I am genuinely unsure how this came to be…

A full drawing video! Sketching and line-art steps are not included, but it’s still 1hr20min long despite being sped up. The total time spent, according to the recordings, amounts to over 26 hours; some pieces take much longer, while others much faster, so I think this is a good in-between average time for me. It personally felt like a much longer process though because I spread it out across several days, mainly because being conscious that I was recording everything was mentally taxing. I noticed this happening when I tried to record my process with the candy house picture too, and as that piece was under a much tighter time constraint, I stopped recording very early on. I hope to get myself accustomed to recording though so that I could hold livestreams someday, but I don’t think I’ll be making full recordings like this for a long time. But on the plus side, looking at my process objectively like this has been very helpful, for me personally at least; it’s pretty clear when I know what I’m doing and when I’m not, so I can think about how to approach my problem areas differently next time! :)

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Video Testing 2

16 Mar

More recording/video testing. These are clips I recorded on Livestream and sped up x8. I stopped recording after this though, as I found this picture was more experimental than I would have liked it to be, and figured that this would take way too long to make a complete process video. I’ll continue testing, both recording and drawing, so that one day I can make more informative drawing videos someday.

As for the picture, it was made for another charity art book project, which is currently open for more submissions, so be sure to check out their site for more info if you’re interested in participating! :)

A preview of the finished piece:
Candy House Preview

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New layout for Holiday Blue

27 Feb

Holiday Blue Layout 2013

I finally sat down and gave my site its long-deserved makeover. I also looked into CSS3 this time and am excited about all of the new effects it brings to the table. For one thing, finally, a way to make rollover buttons and links without relying on JavaScript! I haven’t finished exploring all of the features yet, so I’m looking forward to that. I also used Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox2 for my images, and it really helps cut down on the number of pages to edit/re-upload each time I find something to fix in the site’s overall layout. I’ll have to fix up the SC site with these at some point, but that can wait until I take it out of hiatus.

Thank you so much to Sensei-Hanzo, Pompi and SleepyD for checking for bugs! If anyone else encounters issues with the site, please let me know!

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Happy V-Day! (line preview)

14 Feb

eynord preview

Ever since Valentine’s Day 2009 on the SC website, V-Day shall always remain Eynord Day for me. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be finishing this by the end of the day, so preview it is.

A mini horror story. I’ve been constantly drawing/painting digitally for a while now, my grasp on drawing/sketching with lines, especially characters, completely escaped me. I think I’m getting it back now, but the process still feels eerily foreign… I should probably make some practice sketches before I go make manga pages again…

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Video: Kosuke and Sakura

5 Feb

I was looking through old photos and video clips late last night, and I wanted to see if I could stitch together the ones I had of Kosuke. So I did. While I do have more recent clips of Sakura, I decided to go with the old clips from when Kosuke was still with us. Apologies for the shaky camera.

In loving memory of Kosuke,
June 25, 1996 – December 23, 2010.

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Value check

4 Feb

candy wip 2

I think the monochrome version looks better… OTL Colors and saturation, why do you torture me.

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First 2013 post

16 Jan

Oh woops, first 2013 post!

candy wip

Circles… spirals… agh. D:< /tableflips Frustration aside, I made a livestream account to test its recording features! (Thank you so much for telling me about it Sensei-Hanzo! ) I have a few recordings, but I stopped after realizing that this picture is going to take a while… but I sure hope to use it some more for faster drawings (and notify when I stream next time rather than record in secret… /swt )

And as mentioned through twitter, I recently played The Witch’s House on Kira‘s recommendation. Like Ib, it’s a free horror/puzzle game made in RPG Maker, so the controls and graphics are rather simple, but it still does a damn fine job creeping you out anyway. I personally think it’s far more disturbing with more jump scares than Ib though… but the endings, if seen in the proper order, are rather brilliant. It’s really short (1.5hrs-2hrs+?), so check it out if you have the time!

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All kinds of testing

29 Dec

Many years ago, I used to use Open Canvas and it had this really cool feature where it records your progress in a video. I no longer use Open Canvas, but I really miss that recording feature from the good old days… :( I’ve contemplated using other recording programs or using livestream, but I never gave them a try. Livestream, well, the thought of having people watch me as I draw was freaky for me. I finally looked up recording options, and discovered that Quick Time had recording capabilities! So I gave it a try with this piece I’m currently working on, which is a bunch of experiments in itself as well.

Sped up x8. I’d speed it up even more but x8 appears to be the limit on Quick Time and iMovie.

I have no idea whether using other recording programs would help, but when I use Quick Time, the file gets huge pretty quickly even when I use the lowest settings I could find (2-3GB in 20 minutes or so, and 5GB in 30 minutes). I try to solve this by stopping the recording rather frequently and compressing it to something much smaller, which gets each recording down to 200-300MB on average, so that’s an improvement! But even with the size dropped down, it’s really going to add up unless I draw fast and know exactly what I’m doing… which I clearly do not! D: And I honestly do not enjoy being pressed for time and having to keep checking how long I’ve been drawing for, so I really hope I can find an alternative. I thought about checking out livestream, even if it may mean people watch me draw live (*shiver*), but I’m curious whether it’s even possible to store recordings on a free account, and if so, what the archive limit is… At this point though, I honestly get the feeling that no matter which program or service I use, sizes in the GBs like that just might be a common thing for recordings, in which case maybe recordings just might not be my thing (but it wasn’t this bad in the Open Canvas recordings…?_? )

As for the drawing, I usually don’t start out this way at all (by blocking in everything with a single color). I usually jump right into all the colors of the rainbow and fill up the background, but I found a lot of people actually take the time to plan things out (well duh), not just with lines (what I used to do) but also with values. So I decided to give it a try, but quickly got stuck trying to figure out how to add the colors I wanted onto it, and kept struggling until maybe 7 or 8 minutes into this video when I finally added a layer underneath everything and filled it up with colors. Dx Even after that though, you can see I’m not very efficient as I continue to keep redrawing things, but this part is very typical of me. orz

I also tested out some new brushes I found: some by Sakimichan and some by Feohria, though I think I might stick with my familiar brushes for the most part and save the brush testing for some other time.

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Happy Holidays~!

24 Dec

Secret Santa: Rigel

Secret Santa piece for Penguin-Pinpin. Her character Rigel! This is the first time I participated in a Secret Santa art exchange (though it was a small private group), and I don’t think I’ve drawn full CG fanarts for artists in AGES, so it was great~ :)


I opened a Society6 account a few weeks back and made pillows, among other things. I took advantage of their limited time free shipping to get a pillow to gift to my mother for Christmas, and it arrived just in time! :) The printing quality is nice (or so I believe, as I don’t have other printed pillows to compare qualities), and they even include a pillow insert if you choose that option, so I’m pleased so far. I can’t personally say what the quality of the other merchandise are like, but I would hope that they’re just as great.


I was commissioned to draw a book cover a few months back, and the writer was kind enough to send me a free copy. While I personally had a hiccup when I saw that the cover lost some details in print, it was still a strange feeling to hold a tangible book with a cover I drew on it… I honestly DO NOT know what this book is about (I was simply given details for the cover and drew it out), so please direct all questions about the story to Johnathan Kelly. For those who would like to purchase a copy of this book, it is available on Lulu.

Tree deco
Tree deco2

Christmas tree decorations from the hotel I stayed at in Kyoto a few weeks back. I’ll upload more photos to my tumblr in time.

2012 has been a fulfilling year for me full of opportunities and illustration busy-ness, and I hope 2013 will be just as great! Hope you all had an overall good year too, and I wish you all Happy Holidays! :)

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Super Babysitter Desu

21 Dec


Carciphona volume 3 came in the mail! <3 I thought I would draw Meron while reading since she was so badass in the book, but crack happened instead. I'm sorry. orz Maybe next time!

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