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Sketches and a drawing video

1 Apr

mina roughs

Character design roughs for a friend.

board roughs

Item design roughs for the same project.


You know how you see shapes in clouds? I was exhausted yesterday and was gazing into the floor, thoughtlessly trying to make out shapes, and this was the strongest image that stuck to my mind, so I sketched it out.

Apple Monsters

I am genuinely unsure how this came to be…

A full drawing video! Sketching and line-art steps are not included, but it’s still 1hr20min long despite being sped up. The total time spent, according to the recordings, amounts to over 26 hours; some pieces take much longer, while others much faster, so I think this is a good in-between average time for me. It personally felt like a much longer process though because I spread it out across several days, mainly because being conscious that I was recording everything was mentally taxing. I noticed this happening when I tried to record my process with the candy house picture too, and as that piece was under a much tighter time constraint, I stopped recording very early on. I hope to get myself accustomed to recording though so that I could hold livestreams someday, but I don’t think I’ll be making full recordings like this for a long time. But on the plus side, looking at my process objectively like this has been very helpful, for me personally at least; it’s pretty clear when I know what I’m doing and when I’m not, so I can think about how to approach my problem areas differently next time! :)

Old sketches

19 Sep

I had a bad day, and that somehow lead me to go to my room and dig up my sketchbooks from 2008-2009, back when I challenged myself to sketch something daily. I always thought I uploaded most things presentable, but as I flipped through them today, I came across several pages that I completely forgot about myself! My sketchbooks half served as a diary for me too since I often wrote about a lot of things on the side (real life events, thoughts, settings for SC), even if they were unrelated to the actual sketches. I forgot all about some of those SC settings, so it was neat finding them again! This is why I should write down everything about SC somewhere – no matter how many times I convince myself that I’ll have everything in my head, I’m still going to forget. :(

So I’ll show all of the presentable sketches here! Since they’re already a couple years old, I see no reason in posting only a few at a time. :/

Rest of the sketches under cut!


Voyage + Nimue + Music stuff

5 May

Voyage WIP

Oh hey look! It’s Serenian Century stuff (even though it’s a super messy image plan!) !! I really should look for boat/ship refs when I clean this up… D:
Lionel and Nimue leaving Ebanand Harbor, if I ever draw the manga that far.

Sort of not really goes together with music I made:

…the last song I made and added to my site was back in 2007… OTL I used to make at least 1 song a year and now it’s 1 song every 4 years. :(
I’m starting to grow a liking for beach-y things as of late, so I wanted to try for something that might fit for a boat/harbor town bgm in video games, but it wasn’t going where I wanted it to go as usual and kinda felt more fitting for when Lionel and Nimue leave their home and friends behind. But I dunno, at best it just made me wish I didn’t walk away from all the musical opportunities I had growing up. OTL (Wonder if I can still learn guitar or kick myself to pick up the violin… ) So yeah… not really my favorite… (I still like the Altona Braver one and Tris Ylavalt to this day). Hopefully I can break back into it by revisiting Finale once in a while though. Or maybe I should just learn to use GarageBand.


Lionel is not good with water and boats.

Colors for Nimue’s (hopefully) upcoming outfit change.
Used a sketch from 2009 since I didn’t feel like digitally sketching everything from scratch. /lazy
I kinda liked another variation where I had the cape-ish thing black, but that seemed too out of character for her, so red it is.

Character Sketch + Dvorak

30 Mar

Elaine Design

A rough character design sketch for a manga project. It’ll be rather different from what I’m more used to (like fantasy), so kinda looking forward to it.
I think I’ll be working on more manga than CG over the coming weeks. Hopefully I can squeeze in some SC pages too while I’m at it. :P

And here’s one of my most memorable scenes from watching One Piece where they used Dvorak’s New World Symphony 4th Movement. I just laughed so hard at the fact that an anime used classical music and still pulled off an epic. It starts at around 1:30 :

I couldn’t find a good english-subbed video of the scene. :(