One Piece vol.78: Usopp Gallery

I believe this blog is long overdue for an update! Many things have happened since the last post, and still are happening: happy and sad things, encouraging and disheartening things, hopeful and heartbreaking things... But let's save those for a reflective post in the future. Making a new post after the previous one is something... Continue Reading →

Doodle: Nap Time

I caught up with the One Piece manga chapters over the weekend and am delighted to see so much of Trafalgar Law! Can't wait to see the Punk Hazard arc animated, not just for all that Law screen time but also to see how all that character-swapping is going to play out... Loving the scratchboard... Continue Reading →

wip and sig

Almost done. Then back to more black and white. Kept running One Piece episodes in the background while working on this, and I still cried at the part with Merry at the end of the Enies Lobby arc. ;^; It's at the part where they steal Franky's speedo as I type this. LOL Man I... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch + Dvorak

A rough character design sketch for a manga project. It'll be rather different from what I'm more used to (like fantasy), so kinda looking forward to it. I think I'll be working on more manga than CG over the coming weeks. Hopefully I can squeeze in some SC pages too while I'm at it. :P... Continue Reading →

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