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Preparing Prints!

30 May

Prints '13

Getting prints ready for the summer convention season! (sorry for the dim light and blur. And I will be trimming the white spaces later) I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough new prints this year but I surprised myself when I counted all the pieces I made in the last year. The problem is if people will like them enough to buy them. /sobs

I also encountered some new issues with printing this time around:

Issue prints

I was expecting some prints to turn out noticeably darker than on screen, but not this dark and contrasty… The brush strokes and textures came out way harsher than I’d anticipated with these… I think the issue is less apparent in the Journey print, but more with the Floating one to the right with the creature’s head (it honestly makes me sad). A part of me feels terrible about the thought of selling it, even though no one is going to know what the original on-screen version looks like. Then again, there are those old, odd prints that I abhor now but people seem to love (though more often than not these are fanart, whereas Floating isn’t).

Unfinished Pieces 2008-2010

25 May

My trip’s jet lag has sucked my energy dry over the last few days, so rather than force myself to work on demanding drawings, I’ve been spending some time writing out story notes and a general timeline for Serenian Century . This is something I actually started a few months back but haven’t been able to work on consistently, so I’m having fun with it right now. But I got stuck yesterday, whereupon I revisited old drawings to feed my brain. They were just the nostalgic nutrition my brain needed, but I also found lots of unfinished pieces, a few that I’d love to finish even after all these years:

Unfinished 08-10

A select few from 2008 to 2010. Sneaked in a couple of RO ones too. Someday!!


24 Apr

I recently realized that I’ve been drawing lots of creatures over the last month or so. I never made a conscious decision to start a creature trend in my art, but when I lined up my recent drawings side by side one day, I just happened to realize that they all featured creatures of some sort. My bro calls me an animal-loving hippie so it’s no surprise that I love creature art and designs, but at the same time, I kinda love… everything… about art and designs… be it creatures or landscapes or characters or items…. I may want to make up my mind and focus on something someday, but for now, I think I’ll stay a sponge and try to absorb what I can. So for now, have some creatures:

Cursed Bokoblins

My most recent piece, Cursed Bokoblins, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I made this for the Link’s Blacklist II tribute on GameArt HQ.

Float Preview

A preview of a piece I submitted to a contest. I think this cropped version might look better than the full piece, haha! I’ll post the full piece on dA at a later time.

Symphonic Hue Preview

And then here’s another preview for yet another charity art book, Symphonic Hue. Preorders are currently open here. Be sure to give all of the options a glance, as they have bonus sets with bookmarks, as well as an option to pick up the book at AX. All profits will be donated to Deaf Child Worldwide.

So… that’s a lot in just a month for me, and I’m pretty happy I managed to make so much considering I’m usually such a slowpoke! :D I could probably stretch this creature trend even further back in time to include the Manta Ray and Headless Horseman pieces, and probably many many more (wow… now that I’m writing this all out, maybe creatures/monsters are my calling…), but that’s really stretching it and there were trend-breakers along the way like the Candy House piece and Valentine’s Day Eynord.

Video Testing 2

16 Mar

More recording/video testing. These are clips I recorded on Livestream and sped up x8. I stopped recording after this though, as I found this picture was more experimental than I would have liked it to be, and figured that this would take way too long to make a complete process video. I’ll continue testing, both recording and drawing, so that one day I can make more informative drawing videos someday.

As for the picture, it was made for another charity art book project, which is currently open for more submissions, so be sure to check out their site for more info if you’re interested in participating! :)

A preview of the finished piece:
Candy House Preview

Value check

4 Feb

candy wip 2

I think the monochrome version looks better… OTL Colors and saturation, why do you torture me.

In progress & Magic Tree

16 Nov

In progress. It’s no secret that I started out as a manga/anime artist, and I still enjoy it and consider myself to be a manga/anime artist. And like most such artists, I used to detest backgrounds and landscapes. But at some point over the years, I started growing this fascination with backgrounds and landscapes and I really, really wanted to be able to make them myself. I still love character designs, but as of late, world design is right up there when it comes to things that make me SO happy when I watch shows or movies (I can’t get over how colorful and beautiful the Sugar Rush world in Wreck-It Ralph is, as well as Vanellope’s design and character).

So… here is me trying… :/ *gulp*

Speaking of colorful worlds, I started a new distraction called Magic Tree. It’s supposedly like Harvest Moon…? I’ve never played it (….shush) so I wouldn’t know… but it’s been a nice daily dose of kawaii to control my negativity.

I got this ominous-looking magic tree, but it’s supposedly really rare…? Wasted on noob old me… /swt

Progress GIF

28 Oct

Progress GIF for the headless horseman picture. You can see me struggle through designs for the horseman until I arrived at the version seen in the completed illustration (he even had shiny armor at one point HAHA).


13 Oct

I started this without much planning and now I’m suffering the consequences. I think I went through 3 versions of the horseman so far and I still might change it. But on a more positive note, all the noodling helped me try out a few more Painter brushes and I’m starting to really like a couple of them. Brushes so far for self-reference: Dull Conte, Thick Gouache Flat, Real 2H Drafting Pencil. Hoping to finish it by Halloween~

Kingdom Carousel and Anime Expo 2012

2 Apr

Nothing new if you saw my dA/twitter. A preview of my contribution to the Kingdom Carousel charity art book! All profits made from this book will be donated to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital for pediatric cancer research. You can pre-order from their site here until May 10th!

Secondly, I’ll be attending Anime Expo’s artists alley this year! I got an email confirmation about table space, I finally bought plane tickets (ugh…), hotel rooms are being worked out with friends right now, so chances are looking better and better! :D Though this might be the last time I’ll be attending a west coast con for a while, mostly due to the expenses… I hear many artists say they sell enough during a con to break even or make a profit, but I’ve never had that experience before yet. And this is a bigger issue for me now than back in 2008 due to the costs of just about everything going up annually, so it’s going to be harder for me to close the gap. :( I don’t want to give up on attending AAs though, so maybe I’ll take this as a sign to look at more local cons (still train rides away, but better than the other side of the country I hope). Undeniably, the best case scenario would be that I’d actually sell enough this time around and I won’t have to give up on west coast cons! But that sounds too good to be true… ehh… let’s see how this works out.

Pencil case!

10 Feb

So I’ve been tinkering with my cafepress account lately with some of my recent pictures, and I’ve been really curious about my piece with the whale since I used really texture-intense brushes for it. (On that note, I LOOOOOVE the brushes in Painter 12!! Except each brush stroke lags my laptop like crazy. I really need to look into some options since I reaaaally want to make better use of Painter. ;; ) But when I looked at my cafepress options I kinda didn’t want to invest in it since they were kinda pricey considering I just wanted to test print it onto something… (way to market myself haaaahaha OTL) And then I came across ArtsCow, which offered sooooo many options for customized items, were cheaper than cafepress, and offered certain items for free for the first few weeks (shipping not included, so I basically have to pay for the shipping price only) so I decided to give it a try on a pencil case.

It feels really weird seeing my own art on a product, but I’m really pleased with the printing! The grainy texture actually turned out okay. And most of all I’m really happy with the quality of the material used! I was expecting something that didn’t feel so nice to the touch since it was so cheap, but I really LOVE how it feels in my hands! ;A;

And while I was at it, I decided to make use of the free item opportunity and made another pencil case. My mum really loves this photo of Kosuke that I took a little over a month before he passed away, so I decided to make a little present for her.

And the reverse side has a photo of Sakura that I took a few weeks ago when it snowed. My mum loved it yay! :D

So in the end, I still don’t know how this picture looks when printed by cafepress (LMFAOOOO FAIL OTL), but I’m happy with my new pencil case (discomfort over my own art aside)! Really looking forward to making use of this since I use up my pens so fast!