One Piece vol.78: Usopp Gallery

I believe this blog is long overdue for an update! Many things have happened since the last post, and still are happening: happy and sad things, encouraging and disheartening things, hopeful and heartbreaking things... But let's save those for a reflective post in the future. Making a new post after the previous one is something... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Sakura May 23, 1999 – August 08, 2013

Photo from December 30, 2012. Sakura was such a happy doggy. Right until the end, she looked as if nothing was wrong, despite the fact that she had been fighting a very aggressive cancer. My mum and I are really going to miss her... We'll miss you so much baby. You and... Continue Reading →

Disneyland 2013 Recap

I've never been to the Disneyland in California before, so I was pretty excited! I-I still had a hard time getting up that morning though (I'm sorry Joy... ;;), but we joined up with two of her school friends and had a blast at Dland and Disney California Adventure!   Me with JoyJoy. :D They... Continue Reading →

AX 2013 Recap

A big thanks to everyone who visited my table at Anime Expo! I was a little nervous about my table placement being in the far corner, but I ended up making the most I've made at an artist's alley so far - still shy of breaking even if I include every single expense, but awfully... Continue Reading →

Preparing Prints!

Getting prints ready for the summer convention season! (sorry for the dim light and blur. And I will be trimming the white spaces later) I wasn't sure if I'd have enough new prints this year but I surprised myself when I counted all the pieces I made in the last year. The problem is if... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays~!

Secret Santa piece for Penguin-Pinpin. Her character Rigel! This is the first time I participated in a Secret Santa art exchange (though it was a small private group), and I don't think I've drawn full CG fanarts for artists in AGES, so it was great~ :) I opened a Society6 account a few weeks back... Continue Reading →

Pencil case!

So I've been tinkering with my cafepress account lately with some of my recent pictures, and I've been really curious about my piece with the whale since I used really texture-intense brushes for it. (On that note, I LOOOOOVE the brushes in Painter 12!! Except each brush stroke lags my laptop like crazy. I really... Continue Reading →


Used ink pen with tip busted flat vs brand new ink pen with SO MUCH PEN TIP. Used pen on top, new pen on bottom. Both same type of ink pen (Sakura Pigma Micron 0.05). This is going to be my third 0.05 ink pen... Every time I bust a pen and buy a new... Continue Reading →

Panel + sky photos

Despite the lack of blog posts with screencaps of drawings, I've been drawing A LOT lately. Like people in their underwear. ^ This one is part of a manga commission, which is challenging me with lots of new things to draw, which is a great thing for learning but kinda hurts every time I stumble.... Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Sakura!! :) She's 12 years old now. That photo was taken today but it's been too dark and rainy steadily these days, so here are some photos I took before on sunny days. Today is also exactly 5 months since Kosuke passed away, so my mum made some salmon since Kosuke loved them... Continue Reading →

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