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Unfinished Pieces 2008-2010

25 May

My trip’s jet lag has sucked my energy dry over the last few days, so rather than force myself to work on demanding drawings, I’ve been spending some time writing out story notes and a general timeline for Serenian Century . This is something I actually started a few months back but haven’t been able to work on consistently, so I’m having fun with it right now. But I got stuck yesterday, whereupon I revisited old drawings to feed my brain. They were just the nostalgic nutrition my brain needed, but I also found lots of unfinished pieces, a few that I’d love to finish even after all these years:

Unfinished 08-10

A select few from 2008 to 2010. Sneaked in a couple of RO ones too. Someday!!

Old sketches

19 Sep

I had a bad day, and that somehow lead me to go to my room and dig up my sketchbooks from 2008-2009, back when I challenged myself to sketch something daily. I always thought I uploaded most things presentable, but as I flipped through them today, I came across several pages that I completely forgot about myself! My sketchbooks half served as a diary for me too since I often wrote about a lot of things on the side (real life events, thoughts, settings for SC), even if they were unrelated to the actual sketches. I forgot all about some of those SC settings, so it was neat finding them again! This is why I should write down everything about SC somewhere – no matter how many times I convince myself that I’ll have everything in my head, I’m still going to forget. :(

So I’ll show all of the presentable sketches here! Since they’re already a couple years old, I see no reason in posting only a few at a time. :/

Rest of the sketches under cut!



12 Sep

My sorceress from Ragnarok Online with her fox mount. I wanted to draw the fox ever since I tested out the mount. :P My sorc is set to alt colors, so the fox mount was alt colored too, and it was gorgeous! *_* It was white and red, kinda like Okami color-wise. I gave her the fox mask since it kinda matched, and that reminded me of Japanese matsuri festivals so I gave her a candy apple and the fox a bag of goldfish. I already see anatomy issues I’d want to fix if I ever refine this… But oh man, I missed sketching just for the fun of it. So. Much. T_T

wip and sig

5 Jun

Almost done. Then back to more black and white.
Kept running One Piece episodes in the background while working on this, and I still cried at the part with Merry at the end of the Enies Lobby arc. ;^;
It’s at the part where they steal Franky’s speedo as I type this. LOL
Man I really wanna draw a fanart of Franky. 8D And Chopper and Brook. The non-human(?) crew members, haha.

Also made a sig of one of my RO ABs for fun/break:

Also wanna draw all 3 of my ABs together… :<

Focus Fail

1 May


Cannot concentrate. /ADDs


1 Apr

I began making the Durarara!! ending parody picture with RO characters of my guild early last year. And I never finished it. :(
I’ll post all of the previews I have since I have no idea when I’ll be working on this again.
These are all old previews I made to show my guildies on their forum:


I’ll have to change Muki’s knight to lord knight later just so everyone will be all trans classes, although I think most of the characters I drew in this parody are 3rd classes now… but I don’t want to redraw everyone, and I’m not too crazy over some of the 3rd class designs. :/


…and I just stopped when I had what… 2 more ppl to sketch out? OTL (plus some hats to add)

The original Durarara!! ending video:

Print version

7 Mar

Print version

I made the print version of the Kosuke and Sakura piece available on dA and ordered it for myself. And it arrived!
I hope Kosuke can see it too.

A doodle from a few months back. Click it for full view:
Bad Doggy

From Ragnarok Online. My warlock Beyll and Shadilyn’s maestro Kadenza.
Since she made fun of Beyll’s warlock attire, more specifically how it has male cleavage.