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Unfinished Pieces 2008-2010

25 May

My trip’s jet lag has sucked my energy dry over the last few days, so rather than force myself to work on demanding drawings, I’ve been spending some time writing out story notes and a general timeline for Serenian Century . This is something I actually started a few months back but haven’t been able to work on consistently, so I’m having fun with it right now. But I got stuck yesterday, whereupon I revisited old drawings to feed my brain. They were just the nostalgic nutrition my brain needed, but I also found lots of unfinished pieces, a few that I’d love to finish even after all these years:

Unfinished 08-10

A select few from 2008 to 2010. Sneaked in a couple of RO ones too. Someday!!

Happy V-Day! (line preview)

14 Feb

eynord preview

Ever since Valentine’s Day 2009 on the SC website, V-Day shall always remain Eynord Day for me. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be finishing this by the end of the day, so preview it is.

A mini horror story. I’ve been constantly drawing/painting digitally for a while now, my grasp on drawing/sketching with lines, especially characters, completely escaped me. I think I’m getting it back now, but the process still feels eerily foreign… I should probably make some practice sketches before I go make manga pages again…

Eynord wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Because all I have to give for Valentine’s Day is a sketch of a creepy old man with sparkles and chest hair trying to seduce you in a red convertible… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Incidentally, you really can see a pink Eynord in a red convertible if you have the Serenian Century Miis I made on your 3DS and play Mario Kart 7 and play the mall stage. He appears as an obstacle you have to dodge in the course! …or, it could be any of the characters I believe, I just had the great fortune to see Eynord on my first run (as well as Nimue, but Eynord was who made me crash laughing).

The codes for the Miis in case anyone interested missed it during the voting week:

Hilarious Fan Rewrites

24 Jan

First two is done by Muki, the mastermind behind this rewrite idea.
Last one is done by Molly.

It just occurred to me that I never shared these before. These were done in late 2008 on the forums (back when the SC site still had one), and I guess I never decided whether the fanarts page would be the appropriate place to share them… so I’m sharing them here! I was having a rather craptastic day today and was having a case of the blues again, but randomly finding these again made me temporarily forget about it and laugh really hard. You guys are awesome.

More page stuff

29 Nov



Inking and toning.

Lionel over the years

23 Nov

Lionel Over the Years 2011

Lionel over the years. I first made this back in 2009, so I updated it with 2010 and 2011. I personally don’t really count 2010 though since I didn’t draw much overall that year…

Manga Process Walkthrough

12 Nov

I don’t want to call this a tutorial since this is just the way I go about making a manga page these days, and I’m not really sharing any techniques or tips. But if anyone finds this useful at all in their endeavors, that would be awesome too! :]


Page inking

10 Nov

Actually went to look for my camera this time (was feeling too sick lazy to look for it in the last post with the sketch, so I used the laptop’s camera for that one fffffff). I forgot I left off SC right in the forest, which means LOTS OF TREES. From buildings (commission) to trees (SC)… oof. At least I can sorta make lots of BGs now? >.>

I sketch and ink on two separate pieces of paper. I do the pencil (messy) sketch on one, put a clean piece of paper over it, and put them over a light board to ink. I used to ink directly over the messy sketch and clean it up once I scanned it, but I began using the light board for the commission, so now I’m so used to this method (and since I have it, I really should make the best of it. I love it now! ) And yes, I use paperclips to keep the two pieces of paper together. I dunno what else to use. :/

Page sketching

8 Nov

Sketching the next SC page.
And yeah I sketch super messy. :<

Old sketches

19 Sep

I had a bad day, and that somehow lead me to go to my room and dig up my sketchbooks from 2008-2009, back when I challenged myself to sketch something daily. I always thought I uploaded most things presentable, but as I flipped through them today, I came across several pages that I completely forgot about myself! My sketchbooks half served as a diary for me too since I often wrote about a lot of things on the side (real life events, thoughts, settings for SC), even if they were unrelated to the actual sketches. I forgot all about some of those SC settings, so it was neat finding them again! This is why I should write down everything about SC somewhere – no matter how many times I convince myself that I’ll have everything in my head, I’m still going to forget. :(

So I’ll show all of the presentable sketches here! Since they’re already a couple years old, I see no reason in posting only a few at a time. :/

Rest of the sketches under cut!