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Sketches and a drawing video

1 Apr

mina roughs

Character design roughs for a friend.

board roughs

Item design roughs for the same project.


You know how you see shapes in clouds? I was exhausted yesterday and was gazing into the floor, thoughtlessly trying to make out shapes, and this was the strongest image that stuck to my mind, so I sketched it out.

Apple Monsters

I am genuinely unsure how this came to be…

A full drawing video! Sketching and line-art steps are not included, but it’s still 1hr20min long despite being sped up. The total time spent, according to the recordings, amounts to over 26 hours; some pieces take much longer, while others much faster, so I think this is a good in-between average time for me. It personally felt like a much longer process though because I spread it out across several days, mainly because being conscious that I was recording everything was mentally taxing. I noticed this happening when I tried to record my process with the candy house picture too, and as that piece was under a much tighter time constraint, I stopped recording very early on. I hope to get myself accustomed to recording though so that I could hold livestreams someday, but I don’t think I’ll be making full recordings like this for a long time. But on the plus side, looking at my process objectively like this has been very helpful, for me personally at least; it’s pretty clear when I know what I’m doing and when I’m not, so I can think about how to approach my problem areas differently next time! :)

Progress GIF

28 Oct

Progress GIF for the headless horseman picture. You can see me struggle through designs for the horseman until I arrived at the version seen in the completed illustration (he even had shiny armor at one point HAHA).

Working Together

25 Jul

Usually when I’m asked for personal commissions, everything about the character design is pretty much set from the start. I’m currently working on a personal commission where this was not the case though; the design was set in black in white, but the colors were undecided. So I’d like to share the color testing process where we worked together to arrive at the character’s final color scheme, because I want to show that I’m willing to do this for anyone else who is interested in personal commissions but don’t have a definite character design figured out yet.

These are the first set of color tests that I sent. (Note that these are just flat colors to keep things simple and save time) The client knew which colors she wanted to use, so I kept that in mind, as well as the description I had about the character’s personality. We kept the bg color and the general outfit color from the first one, and the hilt color from the 3rd and 4th. She was also clear on what she thought wasn’t working, something I really appreciate! Every so often I feel that clients are afraid to ask for changes and fixes, when in reality I just want to make sure I’m doing things the way they want me to. She requested for specific changes with a visual where she drew over the color tests I sent, which may offend some artists but is something I consider to be a plus! Whatever makes it easier for me to understand what she has in mind. And now, the next set:
The first two are the changes that were requested, while the last two were just me trying to play more with the ideas of the first two. With these, I also provided an explanation on my thoughts about these four; what I thought was working, what I thought wasn’t working, what I tried to change and why, what still needs tweaking, etc. If she likes any of these, great! We’ll just keep the parts that are working again, and rinse and repeat the process until everything is to her liking. Though as it turns out, not many changes were needed after this point, and the following is the final version we arrived at:

And from here, I begin my usual shading/highlights/effects/etc.

Manga Process Walkthrough

12 Nov

I don’t want to call this a tutorial since this is just the way I go about making a manga page these days, and I’m not really sharing any techniques or tips. But if anyone finds this useful at all in their endeavors, that would be awesome too! :]